We are a full-service development firm offering efficient and expedited development processes to take your project from “one day” to Day One. As an experienced development firm in Johnston County, we have horizontal and vertical building partners, uniquely positioning us to leverage the highest and best potential out of every project for our clients.


Our Mission

We are passionate about developing the community literally and figuratively. When you think about the hearth of a home, it’s the place to go for warmth; to gather around to be with friends and family. It’s the place where memories are made and bonds are forged.


Our Approach

For us, HearthPointe development is all about building a sense of community with a focus on connection. We intentionally design community spaces like playgrounds, pools, dog parks, and gathering spaces to be the “hearth points” where neighbors become friends.


Planning and Research

Is there a property that you’re interested in developing but you aren’t quite sure if it’s feasible? We can help with that! Let us dive deeper into researching the property to determine suitability of development for you.



We understand that the entitlement process can be daunting. We have two AICP Planners on staff with a combined 20 years of experience working in public sector planning. Our team provides insight and familiarity navigating the entitlement process from the preliminary stages to final approvals and beyond.


Project Management

Our team has the ability to manage projects throughout the entitlement, construction drawings, and final plat stages. As a project progresses, we can also coordinate any amendments to plans that may be necessary after site work is complete.

Government Relations

Our team has worked in many communities in Johnston County, North Carolina and others within the Triangle area. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with the communities that we work with and believe that these relationships are an asset to our clients.


Code Compliance

Our professional staff has the ability to review plans to ensure compliance with local ordinances to ensure a smooth entitlement process. Where deviations from the code may be necessary, our team can guide projects through Variance process and plan amendments. Once in the field, our team can ensure that all site features are installed in accordance with approved plans.


East River

East River is a Master Planned community located in Smithfield, North Carolina. The development consists of 293 residential units, including a mixture of townhomes, single-family, and triplex products. The community includes our signature “Hearth Pointe”, a centralized park for the residents to enjoy and gather.

The Village at Parkview

Village at Parkview is a 103 unit townhome development located in Clayton, North Carolina. The development consists of townhome units with shared parking and common areas that serve as open space for residents.

Ashcroft Section 2

Ashcroft 2.0 is a 772 unit mixed used development located near the heart of downtown Clayton, North Carolina. The development includes a mixture of housing unit types including apartments, townhomes, and a variety of Single-Family lot types. It also includes a large commercial component. Our team has worked on this project from the early concept sketches, throughout the entitlement process, and will now partner with Providence Construction and One27 Homes (include other builders) to take this development all the way to build out.


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